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Jesus experienced almost everything that any ordinary human experiences within their lifetime. He would have had moments of happiness, and moments of anger.

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He would have had moments of sadness, and moments of triumph. The Bible says Jesus was tempted in all points, yet He was without sin Hebrews Because of all of these human emotions and experiences, he would also have had to use the bathroom regularly. And yes, perhaps even burp, have an upset stomach, gas, and anything else.

Moses, Elijah, Adam, Eve, Noah, and many other leaders and prophets would have been the exact same way. Just because Jesus was human, does not discount His purpose or fullfillment on this Earth.

Even so, Jesus Christ lived a sinless life and died on a cross for our sins. There are no ancient references to Crepitus. They additionally propitiated Stercutius named from stercus or excrement , the god of dung, who was particularly important to farmers when fertilising their fields with manure. He had a close relationship with Saturn , the god of agriculture.

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Where Would Jesus Go to the Bathroom? | Weekly Sermons

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Where Would Jesus Go to the Bathroom?

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