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But it's nice to get the benefits of the big budget, years of product development, and design team without forsaking what makes something unique. You can customize a pair of Nikes for them , or give them a gift card so they can get creative making something one-of-a-kind on their own. If your teen is a bookworm, Book of the Month is an especially cool gift.

It's a book club that has been around since , and it's credited with discovering some of the most beloved books of all time like "Gone with the Wind" and "Catcher in the Rye" to name a couple. If you gift them a subscription, they'll receive a hardcover book delivered once a month. Books are selected by a team of experts and celebrity guest judges. If they're really more into audiobooks or e-reading now rather than hardcovers, check out a gift subscription to Scribd full review here. FOREO's cult-favorite Luna 2 cleansing device gently and effectively cleans with thin, antimicrobial silicone touch-points, and it removes Find a full review from a female reporter and a male reporter here.

Teens are usually among the most interested in the latest and greatest beauty or grooming products, but may lack the funds to try all the full-sized versions. Birchbox sends samples of new and beloved products once a month, so they can test out new finds and discover products they may want to buy a full size of in the future.

It's also just fun to get an ongoing gift that's all about them.

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These trendy light boxes are inspired by cinema marquees, and they come with letters and symbols for personal messages. This one also has color-changing LED lights for further customization. A Patagonia sweater is a particularly good gift for teens who are interested in sustainability. The company has been turning plastic bottles into polyester for its clothing since , and continues to do so today. Its Snap-T pullover is the unofficial uniform of the cozy adventurer.

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It and the Better Sweater are long-held favorites, and both are comfortable classics that they'll no doubt come to rely on heavily during colder weather. Travel startup Away makes the best carry-on on the market , thanks to an ejectable battery that can charge devices seamlessly on the go, degree wheels, and a lightweight build that travels easily.

In other words, it takes a lot of the angst out of travel, and may make family trips far more enjoyable and stress-free. The Nintendo Switch is likely to be one of those big ticket gifts that'll get you an extremely excited reaction upon opening.

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They can play it at home, on the go, and with friends from a huge library of games. To inspire the best oral care you can, gift them a surprisingly cool electrical toothbrush from an up-and-coming startup they've probably heard about. Quip is a relatively inexpensive electric toothbrush, and the company sends fresh brush heads and battery refills every three months. When you gift Quip, you can prepay for the year.

State bags are increasingly popular thanks to their versatile, laid-back aesthetic and characteristically bright nylon colorways. They're also known as GiveBackPack s , because for every State bag purchased, State hand-delivers a backpack — packed with essential tools for success — to a local child in need.

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The Lorimer and Bedford are two of the company's best sellers. Let them personalize their space even more than they already have. In my teen years, you could have tethered me to my phone with a inch string and I wouldn't have noticed. This makes phone-related gifts pretty easy scores. This fun iPhone case is funny and unique, and most of their friends probably won't have the exact same one. Fitbits help the wearer measure and track their health and fitness, including sleep patterns and activity trends. They can set goals and get real-time stat updates during workouts to see how they can improve.

It's also water-resistant and has a battery life that lives up to seven days. Whether they're wondering if they turned off their hot iron or just don't want to get up to turn off the TV, a smart plug lets them control devices from a distance. You can connect to them using any smart device.

The new Sonos One smart speaker fills any room with clear, rich sound, and they can use Alexa to play and control their music without ever lifting a finger. Amazon's all-new Kindle Paperwhite is the thinnest, lightest one yet and it's waterproof for reading anywhere, including the beach or bath. It also has double the storage, a built-in light that adjusts to accommodate reading indoors or outdoors, day and night. Another great way to get acquainted with local cuisine and mingle with the local crowds are local weekend markets.

Some destinations have special weekend markets flee market, flower market, book markets. Go to the local supermarket. I have a confession to make — I absolutely love doing this! I have a strange fetish with supermarkets — Weird, I know… but as a huge foodie, I just love seeing all the local brand. Just to see the local Chips flavor in every location is worth it… Have you tried the Thai seaweed Pringles? Added bonus: Supporting family-owned small restaurants is also a good contribution to the local economy.

I love trying the local food and drinks wherever I go. I usually get surprised for the best. This is probably the best tip I can give you. Tango Tuesday or Samba Sunday? Start conversations with locals the same way you would at home by showing respect and interest in their life and culture.

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Educate yourself about the langue and local customs. The iconic, and photogenic, Montauk Point Light, which also boasts an accompanying museum.

Both were just short weekend trips, and I really loved it out there. The landscape is really beautiful, the beaches are beautiful, fun nightlife. JG: It's changed a lot. It was one of the conflicts that we felt all summer.

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  7. We went into this experience wanting to treat the town with as much respect as possible. But, we would hear stories of people from other share houses, or other weekenders, doing all sorts of weird things. The beach at the Surf Lodge. The hotel is buzzing with activity both day and night, especially when JG: When I was writing the book, I asked all the people I profiled in the house the same question: What is that feeling you feel when you cross into Montauk on a Friday night?

    It was amazing.

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    They all said it represented freedom, it represented escape, and it represented family. But then there was a hurricane, and the depression and the construction halted. Which felt like an apt symbol to us that summer because we were also, internally, in a half-formed state.

    Montauk was once primarily known as a fisherman's paradise, its remote location a deterrent for JA: Yes! Eternal Sunshine in Montauk in the off-season.

    Obviously, I'm not the first person to feel this way about Montauk. I think it represents romance and mystery to a lot of people. I have visited during the off-season and the energy is very different. The share house atmosphere depicted in 'Out East' portrays a summer camp-style environment of shared JG: Yes, for sure. But then, especially over the past few years, you also have that New York City vibe, too.