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You want to get her as swollen and ready as possible to get that liquid going down there. Seduction is possible without even touching her, if you whisper something dirty in her ear. Are you fingering her? Then suck or bite on her nipples. Kiss her neck. Lick her clit. The secret to any successful sex act is to use way more lube than you think you need.

People sometimes forget that toys can be used during foreplay, as well as during sex. Think about it — what better way to make sure that you get her aroused, swollen, and dripping?


Put those motors to good use and pleasure the lady until all the blood in her body rushes to her genitals. Of course, you can use one to get her clit throbbing, but you can also run it across her labia, or over her nipples to get her blood rushing. The powerful motor on this toy is going to stimulate the shit out of the clitoris, taking the lady that much further in her journey towards that final, spectacular squirt.

But your mouth could maybe be put to better use by kissing her or licking her nipples for example, while the toy works its magic. This baby can work on her clit while your mouth works on other things, or while you use fingers or another toy to stimulate her G-spot. Together, you can make her squirt. Fingers offer the easiest way to make things happen. Mother nature gave us hands for a reason, right? Hurray for opposable thumbs! Play with it in and out, look for her G-spot and once you locate it, stimulate it by doing a come-hither motion.

Continue for a minute or two, and then insert a second finger.

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Step 2: Now you should have significantly more pressure, and you can increase it as you go. Are you pushing too hard? Maybe not hard enough? Your finger movements should be firm, but gentle. Again, remember that this can take a while, so be patient.

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I hope you have the upper body strength to carry this mission out to a successful and squirt-y ending. Step 1: Get her wet and ready, as always, and then insert a finger into her vagina; look for her G-spot. Now, insert a second finger and you can start moving them together, but instead of up-and-down, like in the previous method, stimulate her G-spot from left to right.

Brush your fingers from one side to another. Step 2: As she starts getting more and more into it, start applying a bit more pressure and moving faster. You want to rub the G-spot almost like you would her clit. Remember that you do need to press quite hard in order to stimulate it properly. Keep going, maintain a pace that she enjoys, and continue until she gets that sensation that she needs to pee.

Is This Guy For Real? Let Me Tell You My Story:

Stopping to go to the bathroom for no reason will just ruin your momentum. Keep going and push her over the edge. But instead of curling them inside her, keep them straight, and just push them in and out, like you would during intercourse. You can start slowly and build up the pace.

What this essentially does is mimic fucking in a way, as the G-spot is stimulated by the same kind of movement and friction. Step 3: Use your other hand to rub and stimulate her clit, or eat her pussy out. The double stimulation should make her orgasm hard and hopefully drenched. As I mentioned, penetration stimulates the G-spot, so for some women, just regular penetrative sex will do the trick. However, a woman is less likely to squirt this way than with fingers or toys, for example.

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  6. For this one, the lady has to be on top, facing the guy, who is lying down on his back. Knees on either side of his body, his dick deep inside, you know the drill. Now, she has to lean towards the back a bit, and balance herself on his thighs. This will give him a better angle to reach the G-spot and stimulate it with every thrust. Lady on her side, the guy behind her, and her legs are slightly bent. But the best part is that it offers very good access to her G-spot and the position and angle makes it really easy to stimulate.

    Have your girl lie down on her stomach, and place a pillow under her pelvis to elevate her hips just a bit. Now you can penetrate her from behind, giving you a great opening to her G-spot. This position is great because you can really push inside her harder, giving her G-spot extra stimulation. The girl lies down on her back for this one, with her legs up, while the guy kneels and penetrates her like that. The girl can put her legs on his shoulders for balance. The vagina opens up more this way, which means the guy can get in deeper and harder and the G-spot is wide open and ready to be properly pounded.

    Once again, the woman has the easy way out. Just lie her on her side, and straddle her left leg. Her right leg should be bend around your waist. The gal can focus her entire attention on getting you to thrust towards her sweet spot and guide her closer to that wet release. Of course, for some women, neither fingers, nor dicks will be enough, and that is completely normal.

    These toys are usually curved in a way that allows them to be inserted easily and stimulate the G-spot effortlessly. But first, read up on how to use a dildo.

    How to OM (Orgasmic Meditation) Step by step (18+ Content)

    Step 1: Have your lady sit or lie in a position that is comfortable for her. You want her to be able to focus on her pleasure and nothing else. Step 2: Have her part her legs slightly, so that you can effortlessly insert the toy inside her. Step 3: Insert the wand inside her and search for her G-spot. With a toy shaped especially for this purpose, a basic in-and-out movement should be enough to hit the right spot. Step 4: Adjust the movements and the pressure according to her cues and instructions.

    Make sure that you are using enough pressure to properly stimulate the G-spot. The special shape follows the curves of her body and allows you to penetrate her so you can push against her G-spot again and again to make her come, and in a wet kind of way. She can also play with it on her own, of course; the toy is easy to hold and use.

    Just like G-spot dildos, G-spot vibrators are meant to stimulate your G-spot. Never used one? Step 1: Her comfort is key, so just like with our other option, have her place herself in comfortable position that allows penetration and at an angle that allows the easy stimulation of her G-spot. Step 2: Constantly check with her regarding angle of penetration, comfort level, what feels best, etc. Step 3: Insert the vibrator inside her slowly and search for her G-spot. You can either turn the vibrator on before inserting it or you can turn it on once you reach her G-spot.