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The problem is that its not education. You don't need a degree to stack supermarket shelves in Aldi I think that's half the point of the anecdote. The jobs described could be done by any who had finished secondary education - there is no reason why they could not and should have been filled by people nearby Yes education gives you more options. I've got nothing.

I always assumed that I'd move back to the UK one of these days, but as I watch this stuff unfurl I don't recognize the country I grew up in or the values I was brought up with. The Leave campaign has destroyed in a fit of pique things I thought the British did better. I can console myself that I have access to an EU passport, that we will be able to naturalize here at some point. But it's just depressing. I may have misled with the word "greater". I wasn't implying that it has to be university education.

Even stuff like knowing how to work a till without getting flustered by queues of customers, how to lift and carry heavy boxes without rupturing oneself, how to write down the important points from a phone message. I speak from experience in independent shops — there are a surprising number of people who can't do these things, and who I've seen lose jobs as a result. Point about the results of automation noted: I don't want to have to work for a living either.

But that's for the longer term, not next Thursday.

Why the Withdrawal Agreement is bad for the UK

In Victorian days, it seems to me that port cities like London and Liverpool were cosmopolitan, and so nobody was terribly surprised by the Other types of faces in the streets as long as they kept out of the good neighborhoods, anyway. But, and please correct me if I'm wrong, other parts of Britain were relatively insulated from the Other most of the time for quite a long time. And the anti-Semitism just seems to crop up every once in a while anyway, when times get tough. At least this is how I am sensing things.

Pakistani who overstayed by FIVE years tells of anger at system (but she's claiming asylum anyway)

But now it's deliberately being used to fire up people for political reasons, which hasn't really been seen that much since pre-WWII, and if I recall correctly, just post-WWII. Unfortunately the only place I could go is a place where homosexuality is illegal and punishable by up to 10 years in prison with the prospect of hard labour. And gay activists are murdered far too often.

I'm stuck here and terrified. At the time, I wasn't versed enough in UK conservative shibboleths to understand what they were saying.

The “Witch Hunt” Lives: Trump and the Investigation That Just Won’t End

That goes both ways: for example, it took me ages to realize that "urban" was US code-speak for "black". No, but if you have a degree then you also unless you're part of the 0. The UK student loan interest rate charged by the government-owned Student Loan Company is, as I understand it, now higher than the typical mortgage rate. I can in principle take advantage of the Anglo-Irish treaty and move to Ireland, then naturalize after five years. Betcha nobody else has thought of that one. And that treaty is so going to get revised if Brexit happens There's a third possibility, but it's still at the research stage my wife may accidentally be Canadian and research needs to be done and paperwork dealt with, and emigrating to another continent when you're over 50 is harsh.

I have the accident of birth privilege of a father born in Limerick and I now have the copy of his Birth Certificate that can be sent off and not the highly fragile original. Moving to any other country is tricky over 40, especially if you're used to certain things being taken for granted like having a credit rating - building up things like that are problematic. But if it is something you'd consider needing to do, I recommend, if you don't have one, getting an AmEx card as American Express will move your entire credit history with them and put it into the credit ratings agencies in your new country The reality is, that now we've been in the US for 5 years, baring accident of Trump which is becoming increasingly less likely we'll probably accept we're never going back to the UK and get naturalized.

Yep and far harder to extract yourself from both here and in the States its explicitly excluded from Bankruptcy protection so will stay with you forever. This is of course utterly off-topic but its worth discussion at another time Going back on topic - one irony that has been pointed out to me is that a remain vote is not going to solve any of the NIMBY, racism, anti-migrant complaints as migration will just continue unabated..

The simply fact is that the UK is for most eastern Europeans a country pathed in gold. As an aside my dentist earns 15 times more a year than she did in Romania and only works 4 days a week. The simple fact is that while income disparities within europe are so huge and labour can freely move around its unavoidable that those who are directly impacted by it react badly How quickly could another Scottish referendum follow Brexit?

Grounding one’s life in a culturally cohesive community is a basic human desire

I would expect that to zip right to the top of the agenda in Holyrood. Given that Scotland would have accepted all of the acquis, I also think that EU accession could proceed smoothly. Scotland would not be receiving any legacy UK rebate sorry , and would probably be required to enter ERM with a view to introducing the euro, but that is probably a good idea anyway in the event.

Well should you ever decide to flee the UK, there is always down under Australia or New Zealand, which will get you nice and far away from what ever becomes of the UK. And as a successful and self employed author from the UK your'd probably have no problems getting a residency probably on one of the talent visa schemes. Heck in NZ you could even find the odd Edinburgh inspired city with slightly better weather On a more serious note I do hope the remain win, from an outside perspective it looks like a huge mess and a lot of long term trouble should the brexit succeed.

Would hate to think of what the next UK election would look like with UKIP and other leave groups running rampant, flush on the back of leaving or being about to leave the EU. While being able to claim that every problem and difficulty would soon be fixed now that they'll be able to or have just broken the grip of the EU Seems like some of the lessons of the s have been forgotten, and the golden times of growing left-liberal freedom amd openness across Europe are replaced by politics-by-hate. I really don't know what to do. It sounded like the Gabby Giffords shooting.

I had the same question as DougMerrill; how quickly do you reckon the Scots would act? And would you need the UK Parliaments' acquiescence? Not to allow the vote would be the height of hypocrisy, but I have no illusions that, given a chance, that's what they'd do. You only have to look at the result of the Scottish Referendum as the catalyst for the SNP's results in Westminster and the destruction of the Scottish Labour party The problem for the UK is that Labour has the same problem south of the border as it had in Scotland - it has always been the default option come the appearance of a ballot box but is now perceived as no longer caring for, representing or speaking for the working class people that always voted for it Instead it will become the protest party of choice for many of Labour's unloved voters - to the extent that it will start winning seats Charlie - Would suggest you also look at NZ given your aversion to Australia temps.

Nicely out of the way should SHTF. When you stand back, you have to hand it to the bankers and financiers. Despite being obviously and totally responsible for nearly bringing the world to its knees, they have successfully transferred blame for living standards going backward to 'immigrants'. Nothing has really hit them, no serious change to the status quo. If the UK votes to leave, they will already have their money in an offshore account and their tickets 1st class booked for the next location with lax regulation.

What really worries me about all this is not human nature playing out in the blame game - it's that the shitstorm of automation has only just begun to hit. Now, automation holds out the hope of a much better 'Jetsons' world. It makes EVs credible, with solar giving people the hope of dodging the oil decline. It also gives the possibility of that 'life of leisure' world we were all promised by Tomorrow's World.

In short it gives the opportunity to remake society in a form that's better, and more sustainable. However, I don't think we are going to be allowed to take that path. Everything I see says jobs will be summarily cut, profits syphoned off to make those bank balances have a few more zeros, and blame will be made to flow to the 'lazy' who 'won't work'. I see no sign that even a guaranteed 'mincome' will happen. Ladders are being pulled up. The EU referendum is largely a red herring. It's dumb in the same way that the scottish referendum was dumb - no plan for going forward, no plan for consequences.

In Sir Humphrey terms, its a 'brave' decision.

Tariff will increase ‘until illegal immigration problem is remedied’, US president says

Also the EU is holed beneath the water line anyway - it will collapse with the next GFC which will happen since that finance community hasn't been fixed. Racism is a symptom, not a cause. A symptom of curtailed living standards, no prospects, and 'multiculturalism' over 'assimilation'.

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Easy divisions make for an easy blamegame - and its been exploited tell me again why we were allowing cheap labour to flood the country in the first place I'm not sure what the other two are, but religion and economics are certainly going to be two horsemen of the apocalypse. This, i think, is nightmare fuel and sums up UKIP quite succinctly.

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  • Trump hits Mexico with tariff in bid to stop illegal immigration!

I don't blame you for wanting to leave the cesspit that the UK could potentially become but with fundamentalism on the rise globally it's difficult to know where to escape to. Didn't Cory emigrate because he saw the torys using as a training manual? But right now it seems like he's gone from the frying pan into the fire Thanks for writing this anyway, it's something we need to seriously address. Very much a case of "rub the human face in its own vomit and force it to look in the mirror".