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They took my breath away. Thanks Jack. Hey Abii, good to hear from you! Whereabouts in Aust do you live? I love hearing from readers who have just discovered the trilogy, so thanks for leaving a message.

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I am doing my best to keep up the good work … Watch out for my new book Ice Breaker in November. I wrote to you on two blogs.

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian book review

This one as you can see and another one. I need to see the other one to find what I said for some homework. Here you are, Jack. I was just wondering how you thought to write the keepers and what inspired you the most! It is very much my favourite thing to do. Sort of like reading, only better. Dear Noelani, thanks for your lovely message. Fingertalk — hmmm. In the real world as against the wonderful world of books I think the only way is to invent your own with a friend.

If you loved the Keepers, you might like my new series, the Hidden, which is starting in late October with Ice Breaker. Hi I love these books but one thing would make me buy them? Sorry, it had to be said, and all of my friends think so too. Nothing inapropriate, just crushing or something till they get older! LOL — several other people have asked me the same thing, AJ.


Romances come and go, but friends tend to last. I loved The Museum of Thieves and have just finished reading it to my boys — they loved it too. Thanks for writing this book about a young girl who is totally believable and not Hollywood girly. We cant wait to begin the next one! Thanks for letting me know, Sue!

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I love to hear from people who are enjoying the books. I do hope you and your boys love City of Lies just as much. Will there be another amazing book after the Path Of Beasts? Will Blessed Guardian Hope avenge for the Fugleman? Hi Lemon, thanks for the lovely comments. Do you know about these ones? They are not available in Malaysia yet, though hopefully it will get picked up for translation. However you can buy it online.

Ash Princess (Ash Princess Series #1)

Here or here. Ah May, what a nice thing to say! Have you read Ice Breaker yet? You have a crush on Pounce? Even the creepy ones. Toadspit and Goldie are both twelve. I think Pounce is probably a year or so older, though no one including him knows exactly how old he is. Hello, I read the first two books ages ago but I was waiting for the last book XD. I recently re-read them, this time, including the last book. Do you think that when Toadspit and Goldie grow older they will end up together? If not, why would they not end up together and who would they end up with? Are you ever going to write a short epilogue?

Thank you so much for writing this series! I enjoyed it and I loved the way I could pick it up and instantly escape to their world. Hi Gwyneth, thanks so much for leaving such nice comments. I really love it when people find these books and get something good out of them. If they do, I think it will be a very strong relationship because they know each other so well and are such good friends, which seems to me to be an excellent basis for a relationship.

I have a suspicion it might be set in the same world as the Keepers, but in a different part of that world. Will any of the same characters come into it? Who knows? Thank you so much for answering my questions! I just started reading the Hidden series and I like it so far! I am very excited for your new series and I hope that you are very successful with those books. Thanks Gwyneth. You can see them here.

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I love the way you have made Toadspit grow because he seems so much older and more mature in the last book. He is no longer innocent and carefree because he has a big responsibility and I felt like I watched or read them all grow up and it was beautiful even if it all happened in the space of about 6 months. Yes, I liked the way Toadspit grew up too. Which is probably an odd thing to say, seeing I wrote it. But characters take on a life of their own, and I thought Toadspit became such an interesting person by the end.

He always had that potential, but it took a lot of growing up for him to get there.

Ash Princess (Ash Princess Trilogy #1) by Laura Sebastian Spoiler Free Review | YA Fanatics Amino

I know by the looks of the comments that you are not going to make a fourth, but the books just. Hey Abbey, so nice to hear from you! In the meantime, would you like some signed bookplates? And have you checked out my new trilogy yet — The Hidden? I really need help for my English Assignment, we have to write an episode, inserted within a book and my book is The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. How do you write your stories? So, start by asking yourself these questions: What does my main character want in this scene? This shows you what the conflict is.

Then start writing and see where you end up. Sorry for the late reply but thank you so much for this advice! We recently had an author visit by James Moloney and he said the exact same things as you! I will definitely take this advice on board.